Life-painting / action painting. Solitary meticulous work, hours on end, from crispy dawns through to sunrising dusks.
Cutting aways alone, behind the desk at my studio or live-action painting surrounded by dj’s sound waves, flashing colorful lights
and the wild release of the weeks tension of the dancing souls.

I’ll see you on the dancefloor.

Suzanne Dirne Studio Allegonda Amsterdam kunst
Nightly Reflections // 2000 x 1000 cm // SOLD
Capsule 2019 // 2 x 97,5 x 40 cm
Rafelrandje 2018 // 80 x 100 cm
With blacklight // Tekenboom 2018 // 70 x 100 cm
Skexyland 2019 // 70 x 85 cm
Blijburg Nightwatch stage studio allegonda Amsterdam action painting suzanne dirne
La Grande Finale Closing Blijburg 2018 // 70 x 100 cm
Radion 2018 // 2000 x 1000 cm
Suzanne Dirne Capsule ADE stichting de FIK
Action Painting Artlake Festival Suzanne Dirne
Art Lake Festival 2018 // 70 x 100 cm
ADE capsule rave studio allegonda Amsterdam action painting suzanne dirne
Capsule ADE 2018 // 70 x 118 cm // SOLD
Ear Sessions 2019 // 73 x 100 cm
NDSM Fuse 2019 // 70 x 92,5 cm
Action Painting Festival Suzanne Dirne
De Bruiloft 2018 // 70 x 100 cm // SOLD

You are welcome to drop by my studio to check the paintings in real life.¬†The colors and shapes are surprisingly hard to capture correctly in a picture. In real life the paintings are more ‘alive‘. The colors also always change depending on the type of light.

Also if you want something personalised for on your wall, then contact me!